Triad Residence

The Triad Residence is conceived in the Context of Goa- located on the Western shores overlooking the Arabian Sea, a land of Tropic sun, Morenas and a witness to the Monsoon clouds bound for the Western Ghats. As a settlement, Goa has been derived in an organic fashion, paying its due respect to the contours of the Western Ghats. It is not by accident that the place is revered as a culturally rich melting pot for travelers across the globe.

The residence is a reflection and a contemporary interpretation of the ‘Spirit of the Place’ - traditionally referred to as the ‘Genius Loci’ referring to the presiding deity or spirit. Every place has its own unique qualities, not only in terms of its physical disposition, but also in terms of how it is perceived and translated.

The Architectural response to the sea side is the ‘beach shack’ – organic spaces sprinkled across the coast line, which are participators of the cultural dialogue. The Triad Residence is pivoted around the Living rooms which inherit the spatial quality of the beach shacks. Spread out on two floors, the first floor Living Area is an invitation for the Private spaces - the bedrooms, to engage in conversation. Being a vantage point it overlooks the vast expanse leading to the slopes of the hilly landscape on the horizon. The living room on the ground serves as a place for reception and celebration integrating the private open decks of the pool and the living space above.

The bedrooms both enjoy their privacy and a platform to participate in nature’s spectacle in the form of preferred views. The study tucked underneath a floating roof with two glass walls looks out onto the lawns as well as onto the hills beyond and forms a corner for quiet contemplation.

The characteristic of the house changes with the activities that take place inside; from a quiet contemplative abode for relaxation this can transform into a place for celebration complete with a wine cellar to keep the Spirit intact.